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Our Purpose

Operation Millstone was created with one purpose in mind, and that is the protection of childhood innocence for students in the Public School setting. The name of the organization says it all. In the New Testament book of Matthew, in the 18th chapter, Jesus gives us this stark warning. If you cause an innocent child to sin, it would be better for you that a large "millstone" be tied around your neck and be drowned in the sea. We take this warning from Jesus very seriously! We want to be clear up front. Our goal is not to "Christianize" the Public Schools, it is to protect the innocence of all children. We encourage you to explore this site, to look at some of our strategies, and to ask yourself this question. Are you doing everything you can to protect the innocence of your children and the children in the Public School System, or would it be better that a "millstone" be tied around your neck?

Girl in Class

How can we protect childhood innocence?

Our focus is on two primary approaches...


Getting Involved.

The key to protecting children from materials that are not appropriate for their age, or material that you as a parent or guardian consider objectionable is to find out what is being presented in the school, and to assert your rights as the parent or guardian to protect your child.  What is your child being taught? What is your child going to be exposed to? What are your rights as a parent or guardian to protect them from educational materials that are potentially harmful, or are not consistent with the moral standard of how you have chosen to raise your child?  

Get Involved

Objectionable Material

Objectionable material in Public Education may be found in the classroom, in extracurricular activities, or even in the school library. This website will explore current and potential threats to the innocence of your child.

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Know your rights

As parents we want to raise our children with certain standards such as being polite and respectful to others, honesty, and integrity. Some parents teach their children certain moral standards of faith and sexual purity. If you are content with allowing the Public School to set and teach these standards, then this website is not for you. If you are a parent that says, " I am not willing to surrender my rights as a parent to raise my own children by my own standards", then this site will be of interest to you.

You may be the only advocate that your child has!



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