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Unfortunately there is so much division in our country today, but  just about every parent can agree on a couple of things. The parent does not surrender their rights to be the parent when they see their children get on the bus. The parent remains the parent and must always have the final say on how their own children are raised. At Operation Millstone we believe this is something that we can all agree on. Another point that we can agree on, is that material, such as curriculum, books, and extracurricular activities should be reserved for the student that is not only the appropriate age, but the appropriate level of maturity. Only the parent can determine if a student is mature enough to handle certain topics, subjects, or materials. On this we can agree. We believe that some moral and social issues are best handled at the family level and not in the classroom, regardless of what your moral standard is, or what it is based on.

This is where we need your help. Please contact us if you have concerns, experiences, or suggestions on how or where we should direct our efforts. Staff is very limited but if possible we want to be an advocate for you!

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