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Teach ABC's not LGBTQ+

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Pretty much everyone knows what LGBTQ stands for, and the (+) is an acknowledgement that there are many other categories. According to LGBTIQ.XYZ  "There are some 100-200 identities (even more on Tumblr) now used to describe sex, gender, sexuality, and romantic attraction – or their lack thereof. Many of these overlap and there are 40+ acronyms attempting to summarize them... Some LGBs don’t want Trans included. Some Trans people who identify as straight don’t see why they are included." The point is, that while as a culture we are going out of our way to be all inclusive, at times it results in greater division. Even folks that are familiar with the acronyms do not always agree on what they stand for, and often do not understand what they mean. In summary, the (+) is like writing a blank check, you just fill in the desired amount and it must be accepted.

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A sad reality about gender...

Good people with good intensions, that mean well, can sometimes create harm. This is the case with most Public School policies concerning LGBTQ+. In an effort to lessen bullying, increase diversity, and enhance the educational experience, many Public Schools have created policies that are doing the opposite and more importantly are endangering our children. The result? It has actually created more division, harm, and discrimination, and have dramatically increased the likelihood of serious issues such as depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, and suicide among young students. This is an unintended but very serious consequence of an initiative that was meant to help. Every family, every parent, every student has a responsibility to teach and to treat all people with respect and dignity, this should be the emphasis, not LGBTQ+. This character trait should be, modeled, and taught by the parent in the home.

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Your first legal document!

For folks in the United States, the "Certificate of Birth" is the first of many legal documents that is issued to a person. Birth certificates date back to the early 1900's. One of the features found on a birth certificate is the determination of the sex of the newborn as determined by a physician. Sex refers to a set of biological attributes that a person is born with. Science confirms that a person is either male or female at birth. When the schools allow a student to make a claim that they are not what their birth certificate says, by claiming to be transgender (gender being different from sex) this opens the door for other potential claims. For example, can I claim to be trans age? At age 50, can I claim to be 15? Can I claim to be trans race, or even trans species? Can my claims to be trans sexual, race, age, species, change at will so that I can gain an advantage over others? What are the ramifications for civil rights laws, the safety of your child, and protections that are linked to immutable features?

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